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Sourcing and Supply

CROWN-COMMODITIES has experienced associates local representatives in most of the main source countries where commodities can be found. They have access to producers with a commitment to quality, service, product value and reliability. Daily contact with our representatives and suppliers enables us to inform buyers of the latest market trends, potential supply chain issues and advice on new sources, products and production methods. 


Partnership Building: We actively promote and develop long-term partnerships between producers, trading houses and buyers. These relationships are mutually beneficial for all parties involved as there build based on quality, ability to succesfully supply on regular basis, price competitiveness, product stability & reliability. Such partnerships are also the best way to encourage suppliers to maintain and improve sustainable production and increase their business.

Quality Assurance

Local representatives in main source countries carry out regular factory/supplier inspections. They also check and test the specification, quality & quantity of the product to ensure it conforms to the buyers order. We work on each and every case with major quality insurance companies such as SGS, BV, etc...

Technical Assistance

Experienced and knowledgeable personnel provide buyers and suppliers with expert assistance, whenever required.

Contract Monitoring

We monitor our contracts on a regular basis to ensure that they are supplied correctly and timely. Regular contract reports are produced for buyers and sellers, constantly updating production schedules, shipping times & delivery dates.


We work with some of the world’s top quality products. We have excellent contacts with buyers and sellers from companies all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Africa,...). We offer a comprehensive sales support service including reliable offers, samples, drawings, trials, design, packaging, labelling and technical advice.


We have close contacts with the world’s leading shipping/transport companies. We, as seller, are responsible for all port-to-port transportation and we both advise and organise all aspects of cost-effective sea freight & Marine insurance.


We work with inrevocable documentary, letters of credit, advantages credit terms, foreign currency advice and reliable finance support. These professionally delivered services underpin the relationships we foster between our customers and the manufacturers/producers/suppliers we represent or work with.

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